List of Mastodon links of Crypto-Critical Influencers

There’s been a rash of bizarre actions by Twitter against those in the community. At this point, anybody’s account could be suspended due to the chaotic and arbitrary rules laid out by Musk.

On top of this, Twitter has implemented censorship, refusing to allow Mastodon formatted URLs to be posted. You also can’t add a Mastodon address in your Twitter profile – Twitter calls a Mastodon URL “malware”

Post your Mastodon addresses as comments and we’ll compile a master list to help our community stay in contact with each other:

Name/InfoDirect URLSearchable Mastodon Name
Adam Smith (American Scream)
Colorado Travis
David Gerard
David Golumbia
Domingo Floreshttps://mastodon.clous/
Frances Coppola
Franck Leroy
Intel Jakal
Jack Sweeney (Elon Jet Tracker)
Jorge Stolfi
Matt Binder
Matt Levine
Micah Warren
Michel de Cryptadamus
Molly White
Nick Weaver
Web3 is going great

Note that if you’re using the browser version of Mastodon, you should search for the user account on your own server unless the person above’s server is the one you’re logged in on. (i.e. search @username@host.ext)

NOTE: The people associated with the “Crypto Critics Corner” podcast have been removed from this list. After further research, it’s been revealed that Bennett Tomlin and Cas Piancey are paid by crypto-related publishing companies and are pro-crypto. See here for more details.

To add to this list: e-mail info at io radio dot org.