Twitter Spaces Showdown Between IOR and CCC Fans Doesn’t Turn Out As They Expected

Our last episode and the story that Sal exposed regarding the questionable “objectivity” of those behind the crypto media company “Protos” caused quite a bit of stir among a certain “Crypto Critic” community, to the point where Bennett Tomlin and Cas Piancey blocked everybody associated with the criticisms and began spiraling downwards into some kind of odd meltdown.

Along the way, we were accused of trying to ‘attack’ and ‘cancel’ the Crypto Critics.

This seemed quite odd because all we basically did was ask a few basic questions.

It seems the “Crypto Critics” are very good at casting aspirsions and critiques at others, but not at all comfortable having the light shown on themselves.

This culminated in a two hour impromptu Twitter Spaces showdown between Adam and one of their people, a guy by the name of Cameron Crews.

Watch the train wreck in all its glory here:

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